Benefits of Using Bookmarking Sites List for Link Building Campaign

Link Building is no longer in the "set it and forget it" zone. Links are now earned ethically only when there is quality involved. So how can you find quality when Google seems to be getting annoyed day after day? Well there's an answer!

In this post, I am going to talk to Social Bookmarking. Yes, that is correct! The present seo technique of book marking has always been since its very beginning an innovative way to store & share your links. We all do internal bookmarking in our web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

In social bookmarking, we submit our URLs to these kind of websites in order to get faster crawling + quick indexing by the search engine bots (robots). In order get the advantages of submitting to social bookmarking sites choosing high pr links gives you an additive move to move up in search engine ranking.
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Using Social Bookmarking Sites to Build Your Traffic vs Getting Backlinks

If you just do a quick search in Google you will find that there are countless number of these bookmarking sites. Starting from PR 0 to even as high as PR 8. Most seo experts recommend getting free high pagerank links from bookmarking sites list but most don't really realize how much traffic potential each will generate!

If you think about social bookmarking from normal traffic perspective then you will choose sites that have good visitors and user interactivity. The moment you cross the line and start doing bookmarking for linking building and SEO [Search Engine Optimization] the problem starts happening!

Benefits of Using High PageRank Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO

The benefits that these Bookmarking sites create is as follows:
  1. Provides ability to create deep links to your internal posts/pages
  2. Helps increasing popularity of an internal page
  3. Provides Social Media Profiling advantage
  4. If you submit to dofollow bookmarking sites then you get nofollow free backlinks
  5. High PR submission gives you an option to increase your URLs PageRank
We have an extensive dofollow bookmarking high pr sites list if you are interested to submit your valuable links then navigate to our list now! :-)

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