How to Boost Referral Traffic with Social Bookmarking Submissions?

At any given point of time, you will notice that there are millions of blogs, websites and various other kinds of online media competing for the Top 10 organic listings. In spite of the opportunities only a handful of them actually get noticed. Ever wondered how the rest keep up and actually get more traffic other than just organic? Here's how they do simple submissions to achieve it!
Social Bookmarking has the ability to get your blog or website get noticed amongst several other competitors. High traffic bookmarking sites get high rate of submissions from various webmasters but after careful moderation only the best make it through to the homepage.

If you are providing genuine Business information along with ethical link value then it is quite easy to hit the 1st page of any bookmarking website. Once the site gets cached by Google other forms of crawlers starts indexing your website automatically.

Now for the interesting part, the referral traffic comes in the form of direct human visitors who visit these sites and after reading the content visits your site. This is triggered by genuine interest for the topic on which you have posted in one of those updated social bookmarking sites list.

The reality is this procedure does increase the overall traffic on your site. It kind of works on a mutual basis. For example, if you submit someone's website in a reputed social bookmarking site then it is likely that person will also return the favor.

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