Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Digital Marketing has been the prime focus for a number of companies in the last year. As we step into the New Year, 2016 presents us with a variety of new trends in Digital Marketing that if followed efficiently, can help companies stay ahead of their competitions and make profitable earnings.

The 5 Digital Marketing Trends to be followed in 2016

Some of the digital marketing trends that are sure to be much popular throughout this New Year, include -

1. Social Advertising - In case that you are already introduced to social advertising, and have used it to aid your marketing over the last year, it is time to take the trend more seriously in 2016. Get in touch with the best digital marketers in the market and ask them to design the best social advertising campaign for your company or individual projects. According to leading eMarketers, social advertising is to conquer 16% of all the capital expenditures made to digital marketing. With the continuous increase in the budget of social advertising projects, there is also a steady increase in the level of competition. It is here that one needs to be mindful enough to convert their target audiences that they have been engaging for so long. Appointing highly effective social advertising strategies make sure that you engage the most potentially convertible group of consumers.

2. Mobile gets an upper hand - Mobile has already been the most effective and popular platform for marketing the last couple of years. According to research, a higher rate of searches on Google has been noticed to take place through Mobiles, in comparison to laptops and desktops. The launch of the Mobilegeddon algorithm update by Google has increased the importance provided to mobile based websites. It is believed that mobile traffic will be bigger than ever in 2016 and hence, it is but foolish to not take the advantage of it.

3. Personalized Paid Advertising - If you have not heard of it before, it is time you do. Paid advertising is common on well known online platforms, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. The launch of Customer Match on Google and other such features on different social media platforms mentioned above has allowed making paid advertising more personalised. You can now update the list of names of consumers you want to target and can establish direct contact with them.

4. Video marketing - The rate of video streaming both on mobile and computers have steadily increased over the last couple of years and is sure to keep increasing in 2016 as well. Using videos to market your brand, projects, products and services is the latest digital marketing trend that 2016 has to offer.

5. Optimizing for Digital Assistants - Siri and Cortana are one of the most widely used digital assistants. It is predicted that the increasing popularity of digital assisting might altogether replace the need for search engines. Optimizing your SEO techniques to fit into the frame of digital assistance searches might be a good idea in 2016.

Take the assistance of the top digital marketing trends in 2016, to be on the winning side.

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